Past Ceremonies

In April 2017, we introduced a section of our ceremony where we remember a person killed in previous conflicts. A short biography is read out. In some ceremonies, circumstances have led to more than one person remembered.

If you wish to remember someone, please make contact a few days before hand.

We have previously remembered these people.

Ceremony|Name						|Conflict
Apr 2018|Cadet Axel Bendix                              |First World War
        |Private Francis Redwood                        |
        |Warrant Officer Terence Riordan                |Second World War
        |Flying Officer Ernest Fooks                    |
Mar 2018|Lieutenant Commander David I Balfour           |Falklands Conflict
Feb 2018|Major-General Otto Schwarz                     |Second World War
        |Pilot Officer Ieuan 'Rex' Haddock              |
Jan 2018|Major Oliver Hogue                             |First World War
Dec 2017|Leslie George Rub                              |First World War
Nov 2017|2nd Lieutenant Marc Noble			|First World War
Oct 2017|Serjeant P O’Neill				|First World War
	|Gunner Patrick McGuill				|
	|Gunner William McKenna				|
Sep 2017|John Parton Gabriel				|Second World War
Aug 2017|Reginald Percey Head				|First World War
Jul 2017|Flying Officer Robert Edward Mair		|Second World War
Jun 2017|John Frederick	Painter, DFC			|Second World War
May 2017|						|Battle of Arras, First World War
Apr 2017|Lance Corporal Alexander Stocker		|First World War