When did the Brookwood Last Post Association start?

The association began in January 1941.

What is the link with the Last Post Association in Ypres?

During the second world war, the Germans refused to allow the nightly Act of Remembrance and Last Post at the Menin Gate. WW1 veteran, Mr Ashley Cooke and some friends determined to keep the tradition alive, formed the Surrey Last Post Association to ensure the Act of Remembrance and Last Post was continued until it could be handed back to the Belgians. During the passage of time, it was renamed the Brookwood Last Post Association. See theĀ History page for further information.

When and where does the Brookwood Last Post Association meet?

We meet on the first Sunday of the month at 3:00 pm at the RAF Memorial (shelter), Brookwood Military Cemetery. It’s a relatively short ceremony.

Brookwood Military Cemetery

How can I or a group I represent get involved?

You don’t have to be a member of the Brookwood Last Post Association, simply attend a ceremony and watch/participate.

If you represent a group we would be very happy for your group to take part in our ceremony. Please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Each month, we remember an individual from the Commonwealth that has lost their life in any conflict. If you or your group would like to remember someone, and know the details, you are welcome to come along and speak of them or members of the Brookwood Last Post will read a short biography on your behalf. To ensure a particular monthly Individual Remembrance has not already been allocated, it would be a good idea to contact us first.

May I lay a wreath during the ceremony?

Yes you may, although you will need to source your wreath from elsewhere as the Brookwood Last Post Association does not supply wreaths.

You do not need to inform us in advance you wish to do this, just let us know before the ceremony begins.

How do I join the Brookwood Last Post Association?

Come along to a meeting or two and ask someone, or alternatively see the Membership page.

Why do you meet only once a month?

Our aim is two fold; perform the Act of Remembrance and keep the Brookwood Last Post Association and its traditions alive.

We don’t need to mirror the Last Post Association and perform the Act of Remembrance daily, because they already do so. See The Last Post.

Why was I unaware of the existence of the Brookwood Last Post Association?

The Brookwood Last Post Association is one of the Surrey’s best kept secrets; most people living in the village of Brookwood don’t know it exists. It is a unique piece of history that has been running for over 80 years and deserves to continue in perpetuity in the same way as its older sister, the Last Post Association in Ypres does.

Why do I often see the spelling of Ypres and Ieper?

Okay, not strictly relevant to this FAQ, and without getting into Belgian politics, there are two primary languages spoken in Belgium. Ypres is the French spelling and Ieper is the Flemish spelling.

Often both spellings are used, especially on road signs et cetera.

The British tend to use the French spelling, which is why the Brookwood Last Post Association uses the spelling Ypres.

I’ve wondered this for years; how do you pronounce Ypres?

We know people wonder about this, and often you’ll hear a variety of mistaken pronunciations.

It is pronounced ‘eepr‘. The ‘r’ is sounded very abruptly and the ‘s’ is not sounded at all.

If you fought in the Great War and were from the Commonwealth, you typically pronounced it ‘wipers‘.