December Last Post

We were honoured to be joined by many members of the Leccia family, our Individual Remembrance subject for December.

We remembered Lieutenant Marcel Mathieu René Leccia. Lieutenant Leccia was a member of the French Army and a prisoner of war during the second world war. After escaping, he ended up in the UK and joined the Special Operations Executive where he was parachuted into France in April 1944. Captured and deported to Germany, he was executed (hanged) at Buchenwald concentration camp on 12 September 1944. He is commemorated on Brookwood’s Memorial to the Missing 1939-1945.

The Last Post was sounded by Mrs Ruth Moore and our Standard Bearer was Alan Lopez, with Tom Milne carrying the Union Flag. Eddie Jones paraded the French Tricolour Flag.

Afterwards we had refreshments at the Trench Experience.

Thanks to Alan Meeks for the photographs, and Paul McCue for the Individual Remembrance research.