Individual Remembrance

In April 2017, we introduced a section of our ceremony where we remember a person killed in previous conflicts. This person could be from serving military or a civilian. A short biography is read out. In some ceremonies, we remember more than one person.

If you wish to remember someone, please make contact  before hand and we’ll try to accommodate you.

We have previously remembered these people:

Ceremony |Name                                          |Conflict

Jun 2022 |Private Richard John de Mansfield Absolon     |Falklands War
         |Private William James                         |First World War
May 2022 |Royal Engineer Staff Sergeant James Prescott  |Falklands War
         |Air Engineering Mechanic Adrian John Anslow   |
         |Able Seaman (Sonar) Derek K Armstrong         |
         |Sergeant Marc Lemouser                        |Second World War
Apr 2022 |Susan Whitley                                 |Falklands War
         |Doreen Bonner                                 |
         |Mary Goodwin                                  |
Mar 2022 |Private Francis Maracle                       |Second World War
Feb 2022 |Gunner Thomas Troy                            |Second World War
         |Lieutenant Andre Bloch                        |
Jan 2022 |Private Maynard Allen Paul                    |Second World War
Dec 2021 |Lieutenant Marcel Mathieu Rene Leccia         |Second World War
Nov 2021 |Private A.F. Griffith Williams                |First World War
Oct 2021 |Capt. John Kenneth Macalister                 |Second World War
         |Capt. Clement Marc Jumeau                     |
         |Lt Michael Cartwright                         |
         |Major Philip Frank Chamier                    |
Sep 2021 |Sergeant Don Alphonso Humberston              |First World War
         |Captain Lionel Lee MC                         |Second World War
Aug 2021 |Gunner Kenneth Alfred Aylett                  |Second World War
Jul 2021 |Ensign Vera Leigh                             |Second World War
         |Corporal James Hendry                         |
         |Sepoy Jan Muhammad                            |
         |Wing Commander Basil Howard DFC               |
         |Flight Sergeant William Radcliffe Lewis RNZAF |
         |Private Thomas Knowles                        |First World War
         |Private First Class Clifton M Jordan          |
         |Sergeant Rene Michaux                         |Second World War
Jun 2021 |Private William Dean                          |Second World War
May 2021 |Private George Almond                         |Second World War
         |Private Douglas Aubrey Elston                 |
         |Lance Corporal Frederick Good                 |
         |Private Percy Smithson                        |
         |Private William Mark                          |
Apr 2021 |Volunteer Fortunato Picchi                    |Second World War
Mar 2021 |Private Francis Madden                        |Second World War
Feb 2021 |James John Cooper Wyatt (Civilian)            |Second World War
Jan 2021 |Donkeyman Saturnino Lopez Hernandez           |First World War
Dec 2020 |Captain Clement Marc Jumeau                   |Second World War
         |Captain John Kenneth MaCalister               |
         |Lieutenant Michael James Cartwright           |
         |Major Philip Frank Chamier                    |
Nov 2020 |Signalman Talbot Francis Papineau O’Neill     |Second World War
         |Captain Victor Alexander Maclean MC           |
Oct 2020 |Lance Corporal James Hill                     |Afghanistan 2009
         |Private Grenville Ingle                       |Second World War
Sep 2020 |Captain Enzo Sereni                           |Second World War
         |Captain Alec Rabinovitch MBE                  |
         |Volunteer Baruch Jacobson                     |
Aug 2020 |Private Guillaume Mathijs                     |Second World War
         |Warrant Officer II George Edward Robinson     |
         |Admiral Takijiro Onishi                       |
         |Gunner Edward Paul Brandenburg                |
         |Private Louis Lavoie                          |
Jul 2020 |Soldato Guiseppe Piazza                       |Second World War
         |Warrant Officer Bruce Ferguson Butchart       |
Jun 2020 |Private Louis Harold Morris                   |Second World War
         |Private Gordon Williams                       |
May 2020 |Gunner Phillip John Leppard Fiest             |Second World War
Apr 2020 |Private William Betterbee                     |First World War
         |Gunner David Noble                            |
Mar 2020 |Private William George Deacon                 |First World War
         |Private Henry Edward Thomas Bullen            |
         |Private Ernest William Brattle                |
         |Private Sidney Charles Macey                  |
         |Private James Freemantle                      |
         |Private Thomas Freemantle                     |
         |Private William Avenall                       |
         |Lance Corporal Noah Smithers                  |
         |Sergeant Ernest Alfred Warrel                 |
         |Private Donald Russell                        |
         |Private Harry George Wise                     |
         |Private William Payne                         |
         |Sergeant Henny John Gascoyne (DCM)            |
         |Reservist Frank James Joyce                   |
         |Lance Corporal Alfred James Weller            |
         |Sergeant Charles Henry Childs                 |
         |Sergeant Harry Noakes                         |
         |Gunner William Henry George Fortman           |
Feb 2020 |Major France Antelme                          |Second World War
         |Ensign Denise Bloch                           |
         |Ensign Eliane Plewman                         |
         |Section Officer Lillian Rolfe                 |
         |Captain Arthur Steele                         |
         |Violette Szabo                                |
Jan 2020 |Flight Officer John Clair McLeod              |Second World War
         |Flight Officer Edward Earl Fernandez          |
         |Flight Officer Lou Jan Robillard              |
         |Sergeant E A Bishop                           |
Dec 2019 |Stoker 1st Class George David Spinner         |Second World War
Nov 2019 |Pilot Officer Emil Fechtner                   |Second World War
Oct 2019 |Private Richard Read                          |First World War
Sep 2019 |Captain Enzo Sereni                           |Second World War
         |Warrant Officer Terry Riordan                 |
         |Ensign Denise Bloch                           |
         |Flying Officer Ernest Fooks                   |
         |Pilot Officer Harry Fooks                     |
Aug 2019 |Flying Officer Arthur Tindale                 |Second World War
         |Soldato (Private) Riccardo Pisillo            |
Jul 2019 |Sepoy Sikander Khan                           |First World War
Jun 2019 |Squadron Leader Dickie Leven                  |Second World War
         |Captain Arthur Steele                         |
May 2019 |Ronald William Poulton Palmer                 |Second World War
Apr 2019 |Charles Milne Skepper MBE                     |Second World War
Mar 2019 |Private Dennis Edgar Hayes                    |Second World War
Feb 2019 |Private Richard John De Mansfield Absolon     |Falklands War
Jan 2019 |Private Walter George Woolford                |First World War
         |Pilot Officer Brian Alphonsus McConnell DFM   |Second World War
Dec 2018 |Bombardier J Feeney                           |First World War
Nov 2018 |Lieutenant Roland Dowlen, SOE                 |Second World War
Oct 2018 |Lance Corporal V Prowse                       |First World War
Sep 2018 |Ensign Madeleine Damerment FANY/SOE           |Second World War
         |Major Richard Edwards                         |
         |Volunteer Amiram Shohet                       |
Aug 2018 |Private James Henry Sitch                     |First World War
Jul 2018 |Wilfred Bolingbroke                           |First World War
Jun 2018 |Flying Officer Ronald Charles Wood            |Second World War
May 2018 |Jaroslav Sterbacek                            |Second World War
Apr 2018 |Cadet Axel Bendix                             |First World War
         |Private Francis Redwood                       |
         |Warrant Officer Terence Riordan               |Second World War
         |Flying Officer Ernest Fooks                   |
Mar 2018 |Lieutenant Commander David I Balfour          |Falklands War
Feb 2018 |Major-General Otto Schwarz                    |Second World War
         |Pilot Officer Ieuan 'Rex' Haddock             |
Jan 2018 |Major Oliver Hogue                            |First World War
Dec 2017 |Leslie George Rub                             |First World War
Nov 2017 |2nd Lieutenant Marc Noble                     |First World War
Oct 2017 |Sergeant P O’Neill                            |First World War
         |Gunner Patrick McGuill                        |
         |Gunner William McKenna                        |
Sep 2017 |John Parton Gabriel                           |Second World War
Aug 2017 |Reginald Percey Head                          |First World War
Jul 2017 |Flying Officer Robert Edward Mair             |Second World War
Jun 2017 |John Frederick Painter, DFC                   |Second World War
May 2017 |Battle of Arras                               |First World War
Apr 2017 |Lance Corporal Alexander Stocker              |First World War