January Last Post

Today, in the cold 4C temperature we held the short ceremony.

We read the Thomas Hardy poem ‘A Call to National Service’.

For our Individual Remembrance we remembered Major Oliver ‘Trooper Bluegum’ Hogue. Major Hogue was an Australian who fought in Gallipoli initially, then fought in the battle of Romani in 1916. He was then transferred to the Imperial Camel Corps and fought in Raga, Magdhaba and Gaza.

In July 1918, he was transferred to the 14th Light Horse Regiment and was in Damascus when the Turkish surrendered. He caught influenza and died whilst on leave in London in March 1919 and is buried in Brookwood Cemetery.

We had five standards on parade and our Standard Bearer was Tony Brannigan.

January Last Post

Afterwards we went round to the Trench Experience to try and warm up.