October Last Post

Today was the final Last Post for Mrs Sue Stallard acting in the capacity as our Standard Bearer. She has passed the Standard over to Tony Brannigan for future meetings. Next year the BLP Union Flag is 50 years old, and Sue will be our Senior Standard Bearer and will parade the Union Flag occasionally.

Hooge Crater Cemetery
Hooge Crater Cemetery

Today we remembered three men who were killed exactly 100 years ago today on 1st October 1917. Sergeant P O’Neill, Gunner Patrick McGuill and Gunner William McKenna of the ‘A’ Bty 315 Brigade (2nd Army Support) killed on Hill 60 part of the Ypres Salient. They are buried next to each other in the Hooge Crater Cemetery. We will remember them.

We also were fortunate enough to dedicate the new Standard for the Artist’s Rifles. The Standard Bearer was Eddie Jones.

The Maverick Explorer Unit represented Woking District Scouts and the Standard Bearer was Alan Lopez.

The Last Post was sounded by Mrs Ruth Moore.