July Last Post

Today at a relatively subdued ceremony a few people were present for the July Last Post.

Paul McCue of the Secret WW2 Learning Network read out the Individual Remembrances. We remembered Soldato (Private) Guiseppe Piazza and Warrant Officer Bruce Ferguson Butchart.

Soldato Piazza was a member of the Italian army and died on 5th July 1945, he is buried in Brookwood Military Cemetery.

Warrant Officer Butchart was with the Royal Australian Air Force. He was 20 years old when we died on 5th July 1945 and is buried in Brookwood Military Cemetery. He is also remembered on the Australia War Memorial, Canberra and the World War II Honour Roll, National War Memorial of SA, Adelaide.

We had members of the Suffolk Re-enactment Regiment with us on parade.

Alan Lopez was our Standard Bearer and Mrs Ruth Moore sounder the Last Post.

June Last Post

A subdued Last Post with just under 30 people attending as we commemorated 80 years since the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Our poem was Evacuation of Dunquecue (Dunkirk), a poem that was written by an un-named member of the Enniskillen Fusillers, an Irish infantry regiment of the British Army, who participated in the evacuation. The author of the poem wrote it during his recuperation from the war. It was given to the Age Concern Library in Leicester.

We remembered Private Louis Harold Morris and Private Gordon Williams. Private Morris of the Canadian Forestry Corps was aged 33. Private Williams was a member of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. Both were killed on 7th June 1940 and are buried in Brookwood Military Cemetery.

We had three Standards on parade, including the Maverick Explorer Scout Unit in Woking District.

Alan Lopez was our Standard Bearer, Ruth Moore sounded the Last Post and Paul McCue of the Secret WW2 Learning Network read the poem.

May Last Post

During the continuing pandemic, there are no public ceremonies, however following social distancing rules, the May Last Post took place at the RAF Memorial with a handful of BLP Members in attendance.

We remembered Gunner Phillip John Leppard Fiest of he Royal Artillery, killed exactly 75 years ago, aged 23.

Our poem was V Day, by Edmund Blunden.