Privacy Policy

How we collect your data.

We collect your data in two ways, electronically via this website when you join the Brookwood Last Post Association via the Membership page, or manually via a paper membership form.

What we use your data for.

Any data we collect from you is used solely for reminding you that your membership needs renewing. We will contact you via email if you joined using this website, and whichever way you chose on the paper Membership Form out of; Post, Email, Home phone or mobile phone.

What we don’t use your data for.

Essentially everything else. We also will not sell your data or pass it on to any other organisation, nor will we ever ask you if we can.

How we store your data.

All data is entered into a database which is stored safely in a cloud based provider’s storage mechanism. Their policy may be read here.

We store the paper-based forms securely at the Membership Secretary’s residence.

Accessing data.

If you ask us to send you a copy of all your data we are storing, we will do so. We will not charge a fee for this.

Amending your data.

If the data we hold on you is incorrect and you ask us in writing to amend it, we will do so and confirm in writing we have done it.

Deleting your data.

We will delete your data if you do not renew your membership for two consecutive years. We will cross-shred a paper Membership Form if it exists.

If you ask us under the Right to Erasure rules to delete your personal data, we will do so and send you confirmation that has been done.

We will cross-shred a paper Membership Form if it exists.